Vision Academy is extending international partnership with universities

A meeting between Rovshan Bagirov, Head of the Study Abroad Office and Olga Marnica, Head of International Students Department at University of Economics and Culture (Riga, Latvia) took place on the 7th of March, 2019.
During the meeting between two partners, that was held in a warm and friendly environment, Rovshan Bagirov shared with information on services provided by Vision Academy, and the relations building process with foreign universities and organizations. The partners had an opinion exchange over the discounts that might be granted to the students, as well as other advantages offered by this University for the Azeri students.
Olga Marnica mentioned that University of Economics and Culture offers the most affordable tuition fees compared to other European universities, while students are free to apply during the year at any time they wish.
It was agreed that Vision Academy and  University of Economics and Culture will consider all possible ways to make their cooperation effective and beneficial