A "Read and Win" seminar was hosted by Vision Academy on February 2d. It was aimed at increasing awareness on education opportunities in Japan. The event was led by Ramil Abdullayev, a graduate from the University of Tsukuba, Japan.


“I believe that prior to setting up plans for overseas education, there is a need for awareness and promotion activities aimed at discovering new destinations from the most attractive and realistic angle. And this is why we’re granting floor to students who may share their immediate experience taken from those countries”- says Rovshan Bagirov, Study Abroad Office Director.


 "Sometimes we observe established mindset on certain countries. “Too far away country”- this is the most widespread definition of Japan that we hear in Azerbaijan. However, there are many important facts that we still need to keep in mind. Japan is a country which despite of the ruins caused by the II World War and the first ever atomic bombings, not only found enough strength and capacity to rise from the ashes, but turned to the second global economic powerhouse in a few decades- a privilege that was kept for more than 40 years. Of course, such a development is well reflected in other areas, as well as in education which offers a lot of opportunities for students", said Bagirov.

The guest of the event, Ramil Abdullayev, made an interesting presentation on education and living opportunities in Japan based on his own experience. "Many think that education and life in Japan are too expensive. However, the opportunities that this country offers are very extensive and even more diverse than those in other countries”- he said. Participants of the seminar had a dynamic discussion and were able to gain many practical information. Discussions about scholarships and job opportunities in the Land of the Rising Sun, as well as ways to minimize living costs and paperwork were met with a great interest.

Vision Academy which constantly aims to gratify its customers is planning to hold such awareness events in the future.