Vision Academy is Azerbaijan based private entity in education market working with number of universities and colleges around the globe. Vision Academy  strives to continuously improve operational standards through transparency, which has been a pillar of success to ensure 100% client satisfaction.  Vision Academy’s Study Abroad Office is open for everybody and regularly conducts discount campaigns that are especially crucial for students from low income families.Vision Academy is dedicated at enabling student mobility from and to Azerbaijan by building effective and ethical activity within the framework of international dimension in education.  Our strategic location right in front of the Baku State University makes us more accessible for the broader audience.Although envisaged for a limited audience, Vision Academy  Study Abroad web-page is open to grant its space for the popular projects that boost interaction and awareness among the stakeholders, as well to appear a platform for problems discussion, evaluation of the trends and opinions via blogs, polls and feedbacks. 

Turning Vision Academy to a brand institution providing reliable and diverse study abroad opportunities- a brand that is consistent and puts our customers at ease in meeting their expectations.  We speak on behalf of the Vision Academy while our company represents each of us and our promise aimed at contributing customer satisfaction reflected in a motto: “Professional Quality, Client Contentment, Our Reputation”. We are seeking to connect with our customers emotionally, so that they cherish the day when they visited us for the first time.


- Building trustworthy relations with customers, universities and other partners 

- Developing diverse set of options for different  customer levels

- Serving as advising center for education information and consultancy services in international higher education

- ensuring a high standard accessibility for all kind of study abroad activities

- helping students to examine their values and priorities to become better contributors to the global community and become culturally self-aware

Rovshan N. Bagirov

Study Abroad Office Director

Rashad Abbasov

Study Abroad Turkey Consultant

Mina Elshan

Study Abroad Office Consultant

Turac İmanova