Why should you choose an accredited center if you plan to take a TEFL course?

Why should you choose an accredited center if you plan to take a TEFL course?

 TEFL is turning into a self-requirement for many English language trainers and tutors all around the world. Indeed, it is good chance not only for becoming an international teacher and find a job abroad, but also to develop as a professional and become an ace of your profession. 

TEFL centers in US or Europe provide various opportunities, such as in-class programs, distant learning, blended courses. People in those countries just need to select a TEFL center based on their budget and location. 

Things get tougher if you leave in a country where TEFL is relatively new trend, similar happening in Azerbaijan. There are number of centers nowadays offering TEFL or TESOL trainings, however most of them lack international accreditation. “So what?” – you may ask. There, however is a big difference. The accreditation process includes 2 major components; one is your center’s TEFL delivery program you send for approval and the second is administrative procedures necessary for a center to get certification. For instance,

Vision Academy

was asked for some sixty procedures for getting accredited.

Accreditation is a quality certificate. Think about a product with ISO certificate. You will definitely choose a “certified” product rather than a goods from unknown producer, won’t you? 

International accreditation ensures that your educational programs are on a par with the global standards and are globally recognized and accepted.  

Another advantage of an accredited course is certificate that is internationally accepted. This allows you to work in national and multinational organizations all over the world and teach different nationalities. 

By the time goes many if not all centers delivering TEFL or TESOL courses will start thinking about getting international accreditation; this will turn into a must in growing competition. But for now, you should be careful enough to select right course for your education.