While actively promoting study abroad horizons for the Azerbaijani students, we do realize the importance of increasing international awareness on education opportunities in Azerbaijan. Our country is happy to offer  affordable, whilst quality education at the Universities with international accreditation, as well as a possibility to study in the environment of diversity and safety.
Please note the following information, if you consider any education opportunity in the land of fires:
1. Studying in the universities of Azerbaijan is based on the Bologna Process
2. Universities of Azerbaijan provide education in three languages: English, Azerbaijani and Russian. You can choose any of these languages for studying.
3. Tuition fees range from $500 to $4000 per semester.
4. Universities of Azerbaijan do not require the GRE, GMAT results from foreign students.
5. Universities of Azerbaijan do not require a motivational letter for admission.
6. If you do not pass the English language exams, do not worry. Most universities can make concessions and conduct an internal university exam for you to assess the level of English proficiency.
7. Some universities in Azerbaijan refused to choose a thesis as the only way, and offer their students to conduct a real project, providing an opportunity to cooperate with the largest companies in different industries. The output will be the presentation of the project and discussion results in front of selection committee.
8. After arrival in Azerbaijan, most foreign students will need to register in local government bodies within 5 days.
9. If you are fluent in English, there are many opportunities to be a tutor or to teach the language at the courses. Native-language speakers teachers are very much appreciated in Azerbaijan.
10. A significant number of universities offer a double diploma (while studying in Azerbaijan you have the opportunity to get a diploma of both local and, for example, a French university). And the fee cost usually remains the same.


According to Vision Academy's internal procedures, discounts on the cost of courses can be applied by the following people:

      1.     The status of the internally displaced and the refugee family : 10%;
 2.  The 1st Group Disabled 10% and 10% for those born in the Martyr family;
 3.  People who have lost one or both of their parents: 10%;
 4.  If the family lives below the minimum need criterion; make a decision on the situation after investigating.
 5. University and school students with excellent scores will also get 10%.


       6. Bring A Friend promotion- 10% discount

If you have one of the above-mentioned conditions, you can approach to Vision Academy, fill the application form and get one of these discounts.