Vision Academy is a training center providing various programs for students, graduates and adults. The Center was established in 2009 and provided limited variety of training courses, particularly professional teaching of English and Russian. In short period Vision Academy professionally developed and how it is providing quite wide range of services including:

- Professional teaching of English as second language

- Teaching of other languages, including Russian, French, German, Arabic, etc.

- TOEFL, IELTS, YOS, ALES, TYS preparatory courses

- Conversation clubs with native speakers

- Kids’ conversation clubs

- Education abroad services

- Mock exams

- Master preparatory courses

- Computer courses and design programs

- Preparatory courses for public officials

- Education Abroad orientation

- Students’ employment trainings (BP, State Oil Company, as well as SME)

- Forums and conferences dedicated to education mattersThe Center is located at Baku State University, largest university in Azerbaijan. At present Vision Academy serves around 900 students on annual base. Vision Academy’s mission is helping your vision to come true. Our values are:

 Trustworthiness: honesty, integrity, promise-keeping, loyalty;

 Respect: autonomy, privacy, dignity, courtesy, tolerance, acceptance;

 Responsibility: accountability, pursuit of excellence;

 Caring: compassion, consideration, giving, sharing, kindness, loving;

 Justice and fairness: procedural fairness, impartiality, consistency, equity, equality, due process;